About Us

Who We Are

Vatec found its roots within the vending industry and created with the goal to bring better user experience and provide the direct to end user service to the marketplace.

What we Do

Vatec direct to business locations to offer better vending products and vending services worldwide with support of below certifications.

Today, Vatec has an established and vast network of Distributors that assist in the growth of vending operators and start-up vending businesses. Vatec backs our distributors with a strong support program and quality machine manufacturing.

Our Quality Standard

  • Material Inspection
  • PCBA Electrical testing
  • Software Tuning & Testing
  • Customer Approval.
  • 4 Assembling Lines Production
  • Product Reliability Testing
  • OQC Inspection

Sustainability is an important initiative for Vatec Vendor Machine as we look to grow our vending machine business while remaining agile amid a changing environmental landscape. Vatec demonstrates an ongoing focus on climate action in its manufacturing process by committing to environmentally friendly initiatives such as reducing water usage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in in our snack and soda vending machines.

We Care Our Environment

Our Vatec Machine’s new vending machines include energy saving
  • Eco-friendly features with longer life LED lighting.
  • CFC-Free R134a modular refrigeration system.
  • High efficiency insulation
  • Fuel saving remote telemetry options for monitoring of snack and soda product inventory and service needs.

Vatec is proud in providing superior customer support to our Distributors and clients. We partner with over 200 service entities for vending machines service, maintenance, and repair worldwide. Wherever your vending machine ends up residing, we’ll always have someone at arm’s reach ready to provide maintenance, technical support, and other related vending services. Lifetime online and phone support comes with every machine sold. We even offer a credit card reader that enables card-less transactions, along with giving owners the ability to monitor all transactions remotely from any device that can connect to the internet.